Wheat Fungicides

I wanted to provide an overview of what is available to use to protect wheat growers from yield robbing diseases like rust, powdery mildew, and tan spot.  Innvictis offers single active ingredient and pre-mix products that include Strobilurins and Triazole modes of action(MOA).  From a high level, Strobi based actives are considered to be more of a preventative and residual MOA, and Triazole actives are viewed as curative with some residual MOA.  The high plains region has seen its fair share of all these diseases the past several years, but as you know, both leaf and stripe rust can have the biggest impact at harvest if left untreated.  It’s also important to understand, that while the plant may just be showing early signs of the disease, it more than likely was infected 5-7 days prior to the visual damage.  These situations would warrant an application of a curative product that includes a triazole mix.  I would always encourage you to use a dual mode of action product to give you the most residual and to help prevent future resistance on diseases.  Below is a breakdown and efficacy rating on the Innvictis Crop Care wheat fungicide portfolio.

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jake walker

Jake Walker is our Crop Protection Marketing Manager.  His prior experience as a field scout and sales representative for Bayer CropScience has allowed him to deliver solid agronomic advice on crop protection products while taking into account the day-to-day challenges growers face.  Jake's knowledge, approachability and capacity to inject humor into his role allows him to connect to people of all backgrounds. He graduated from Colorado State University with an Agriculture Business and Economics degree. 

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