s technology

S TECHNOLOGY was developed to mitigate pesticide loss and poor performance due to stressful environmental conditions.

S TECHNOLOGY improves systemic activity for greater product performance. The technology attaches to the pesticide molecule and leads it through the plant for greater systemicity and better activity.

Extensive C14 testing was conducted where imidacloprid was radio-labeled along with AVENGER™ S3. The standard imidacloprid, generally known as a systemic product, only resulted in about 14% plant uptake. The AVENGER™ S3demonstrated a 60% level of plant uptake. Each droplet is essentially super charged when the S TECHNOLOGY is added. The benefit to this is that under stressful conditions; whether hot/dry, cold/wet or low water volumes, the droplets that do hit the target are highly active and help mitigate the environmental challenges. This results in increased efficacy and better control.


  • S2and S3technologies increase uptake of systemic pesticides
  • The bioavailability of the actives in the spray deposit are enhanced
  • Keeps the active ingredient in a soluble state for a longer period of time
  • Allows for up to a 44% increased uptake in active ingredient
  • Proprietary technology that is available only through Pinnacle Agriculture companies
  • Finalist for best formulation innovation at the 2014 AGROW awards
  • No phytotoxicity