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To get season long weed control, you need to do just that – manage it season long! And I strongly recommend starting off with pre-emerge on your corn fields – because, as I have said before, the easiest weed to control is one that never comes up! But you’ll inevitably see weeds emerging alongside your corn, so you’ll want to work post-emerge herbicide applications into your weed management plan. This is especially important with the kind of year we had last year (I am talking about you mother nature and the amount of prevent plant acres you caused) with so many fields not getting sprayed at all – allowing weeds to go unchecked for an entire season. Understanding what you need for your fields is the first step, and our diverse portfolio of products will provide a solution for nearly any situation you might find yourself in.

I have laid out some of our corn offerings along with timings of both our premix solutions and single active offerings. Work with your crop advisor to create a customized plan for your corn's needs, weather that means complete weed control of grasses and broadleaves, or enhanced burndown options on broadleaf weeds. Take a look below, and if you have any questions, shoot us an email!

Pre-Mix Offerings:




CONTROL OF: Broadleaf + Grass

APPLICATION:  Limited up to 12” tall corn

TANK MIX WITH:  Envy Six Max

*Always refer to label for specific application and rate instructions*

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Formulated with S-Metolachlor which is 1.5X more active than R-Metolachlor that is found in products like Visor CRN.

CONTROL OF: Grasses & small seeded broadleafs

APPLICATION:  Up to 40" tall corn

TANK MIX WITH:  Centavo or Undercover

*Always refer to label for specific application and rate instructions*

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