We are pleased to announce the release of VANDAL® MOC

Innvictis™ Crop Care, LLC is pleased to announce the US EPA registration for Vandal® MOC, a combination of sulfentrazone plus metolachlor. Vandal MOC is a great addition to the Innvictis premix line up and will provide a cost effective alternative to Authority® Elite and BroadAxe®.

Vandal Moc is a multi-mode of action herbicide for the soybean acre offering long lasting residual and broad spectrum grass and broad leaf control and is especially effective on glyphosate resistant weeds such as waterhemp and amaranth. With a flexible application window and 45 to 60 days residual, Vandal Moc is an easy choice for soybean farmers.

“A good soybean production plan starts with excellent weed control. Having a pre-emergent herbicide product that incorporates a multi MOA approach is crucial. Vandal MOC is our first line of defense which offers both group 14 and 15 MOA support for an excellent addition in our soybean production system” said Will Scott, Tech Services and Market Development Manager for Innvictis.

For the 2017 use season, Vandal MOC will be available in 265 gallon totes and in limited supply for our first year launch. Labeled on soybeans both pre-plant and pre-emerge, it is also labeled on sunflowers and dry shelled peas.


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