Nirvana® Fertilizer Catalyst

Enjoy the Freedom of Flexibility

Choose Your Preferred EC pesticides and Optimal Planting Time Fertilizer

Nirvana is a patented formulation catalyst that allows the use of standard EC pesticide formulations to be mixed with liquid fertilizers.

Mixing Nirvana into the fertilizer solution and then adding the EC pesticide allows for one convenient application by connecting the two molecules and temporarily holding them together in a chemical bond.

Allows EC-Based pesticides to overcome the ionic nature of liquid fertilizer

The “Nirvana bridge” binds the EC-based pesticide and the fertilizer particles together allowing them to be dispersed evenly

Nirvana opens up a new frontier in this segment by providing retailers and growers the flexibility to choose their preferred EC-formulated pesticide for pest control at planting time

Simple, standard use rate when mixing with fertilizer

Fertilizer can be pre-treated before delivering to the farm

  • LEFT:
    EC insecticide + 10-34-0

    Nirvana® + EC insecticide + 10-34-0

  • LEFT:
    Nirvana® + EC insecticide + 10-34-0

    Industry Standard Fertilizer Compatible Insecticide + 10-34-0

Combine Nirvana + Innvictis Reveal Insecticide for:

  • Convenience and flexibility with your soil insecticide options
  • A shield of protection against soil insects before they have a chance to feed on the seed and roots
  • Assistance with Bt-resistant rootworm species
  • Control of wireworms, grubs, maggots and other seedling pests that GMO traits miss
  • Reduced genetic trait resistance development by providing a second mode of action against feeding pests