Wheat Fungicides

I wanted to provide an overview of what is available to use to protect wheat growers from yield robbing diseases like rust, powdery mildew, and tan spot.  Innvictis offers single active ingredient and pre-mix products that include Strobilurins and Triazole modes of action(MOA).  From a high level, Strobi based actives are considered to be more of a preventative and residual … Read More

Verify Tissue Sampling

COVID 19 isn’t the only factor wreaking havoc in today’s landscape – mother nature is once again proving to be a formidable foe. Spring weather has caused planting issues, changes in crop mix, and limited fertilizer applications. This lack of fertilizer is likely to cause nutrient deficiencies that lead to potentially lower yields. So how do you know your crops … Read More

Herbicide: Prevent & Protect

To get season long weed control, you need to do just that – manage it season long! And I strongly recommend starting off with pre-emerge on your corn fields – because, as I have said before, the easiest weed to control is one that never comes up! But you’ll inevitably see weeds emerging alongside your corn, so you’ll want to … Read More

Zinc – Essential & Deficient

Zinc is one of the most essential micronutrients because of its ability to act as a catalyst for over 300 enzymes within a plant and its crucial role in seedling development. The most noticeable responses to early season application of zinc are usually seen in corn, sorghum and millet (C4 crops). I have noticed enhanced early season plant health and … Read More

Why Starter Fertilizer?

Perfectly even emergence, excellent early season vigor, and ultimately, maximum stand count is the holy grail every farmer strives for when planting their crop.  But is achieving this trifecta of greatness just a pipe dream? Not necessarily – we can influence each component by implementing an excellent starter fertilizer program. ASPECTS OF A STARTER PROGRAM Nutrient availability Quality of starter … Read More

Benefits of 2 Pass Program

Farming can be volatile due to weather, pest pressures, commodity pricing, and managing costs. Weather and commodity pricing are out of the grower’s control, but managing input cost isn’t. Weed pressure can be controlled by implementing a two-pass herbicide program option – its good for grower’s fields and their pocketbook! Here is a quick breakdown: Step 1: Using pre-emergent herbicides … Read More


As we move into the spring and begin planning for a successful 2020 cropping year, it’s never too early to think about how to manage one of the most challenging weeds – Kochia. This weed causes problems for growers as far south as Texas, and as far north as North Dakota – and while this sounds like its an isolated … Read More

Nitrogen Management

Managing nitrogen fertilizer is a topic that never seems to go away. I started research of nitrogen in 1978 – that was 42 years ago, and agronomists are STILL dealing with some of the same questions we were researching back then. You may ask yourself, “Why does nitrogen fertilizer disappear from my field?”  Well, there are two causes – water … Read More

STAVE™, The Newest Post-Emerge Broadleaf Herbicide

INNVICTIS CROP CARE, LLC announces STAVE™ as the newest addition to­ its expanding portfolio. STAVE will be a great tool for hard to control annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in wheat and barley. STAVE is a selective, post-emergence herbicide for control of the most difficult broadleaf weeds in cereals, corn, fallow and CRP ground. It is an ideal tank mix … Read More

We are pleased to announce the release of VANDAL® MOC

Innvictis™ Crop Care, LLC is pleased to announce the US EPA registration for Vandal® MOC, a combination of sulfentrazone plus metolachlor. Vandal MOC is a great addition to the Innvictis premix line up and will provide a cost effective alternative to Authority® Elite and BroadAxe®. Vandal Moc is a multi-mode of action herbicide for the soybean acre offering long lasting … Read More