Innvictis and its retail partner, Simplot Grower Solutions, has our corn and soybean grower’s back with the 2021 INNVICTIS ADVANTAGE MAXX RESULTS PROGRAM. Given the success we have with Trevo® TRZ fungicide coupled with any one of four  specialty foliar products in our internal testing and commercial use, we would like to extend our confidence in the product performance with this unique opportunity for Innvictis customers. When you apply Trevo TRZ with one of the four products listed below at the minimum use rates in corn or soybeans, you’re qualified for risk free, Maxx Results program.

If your corn or soybean yield does not:

• Meet or exceed 5 bu/A improvement in corn over your untreated acres in the 2021 season


3 bu/A improvement in soybeans over your untreated acres in the 2021 season,

Then, Innvictis will reimburse up to 100% of  your initial investment, essentially removing the risk of a failed return on your investment.

@14 oz/A

Trevo® TRZ is a premium, broad spectrum fungicide that has seen great success preventing & controlling disease in fields across the nation ALL while providing a bump in yield. We are so confident in Trevo® TRZ and its benefits, that we are offering customers a Yield Assurance program. This program guarantees a yield bump of 5 bushels or more in corn, and a bump of 3 bushels or more in soybeans or we will compensate the farmer.

↓ Add Only One of These BioScience Products With Your Trevo TRZ, to Enroll In the Program:↓

@ 16 oz/acre

✓ Increased plant health & vigor

✓ Consistent, positive results

✓ Mitigate Environmental and Herbicide Stress

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@ 1 qt/acre

✓ Increased plant health

✓ Formulated with both Ortho and Poly phosphates

✓ Contains organic and amino acid packages

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@ 1 gal/acre

✓ Excellent crop safety and provides uniform growth

✓ Contains 0.5% Boron

✓ Slow release nitrogen for up to 12 weeks of feeding

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@ 2 qt/acre

✓ Blend of urea triazone & K

✓ Contains the leading micronutrients that are often deficient in crops

✓ Increases H20 utilization

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