The Innvictis Gold Line is a cross section of unique and high performance products. Typically these products are innovative &/or fit a new or specific market segment and may require additional agronomic expertise. These products consist of crop protection, adjuvants and micronutrients.

Reduces early season plant stress

Increases early season plant vigor and overall plant health

  • Proprietary clethodim formulation with patented systemic technology
  • Fast and complete uptake means better performance in tough conditions

2x dose of bifenthrin, to take down the toughest pests

Knockdown, plus long residual to give season long control

  • A combination of two active ingredients plus patented S3 technology
  • Your best option for complete insect control

  • Fast knockdown and long lasting systemic insecticide
  • Two distinctly different modes of action
  • Long lasting surface residual

Liquid Fertilizer

1% Sulfur and 0.43% Zn

Use at time of planting to help boost yield and promote vigorous root systems.



  • A novel insecticide and fungicide combination product which economically controls a broad spectrum of both insects and disease in one simple application
  • Offers versatility on a number of crops including corn, cotton, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat, barley and cucurbits
  • Excellent option for a planned systems approach to pest management

  • Highly active 4# glyphosate based formulation
  • Outstanding surfactant package built in
  • Ideal for tough to control conditions

Treats 50% more acres than standard generic formulations

Fast translocation activity and excellent tank mix compatibility

Superior crop safety, for glyphosate resistant crops, including Flex Cotton

  • Two modes of action containing residual for managing touch and resistant weeds
  • Allows more flexibility in making planting decisions for corn and soybeans
  • Broad spectrum grass and broadleaf control

Made with the highest quality surfactants, allowing quicker kill and easy mixing with other herbicides and liquid fertilizers

The only solventless 6 lb ester on the market

Low odor formulation is applicator friendly

  • Methylated seed oil with Rapid Spread Technology
  • Advanced formulation containing organosilicone to improve spread and penetration

Unique and highly active oil based surfactant

Non-ionic surfactant and trisiloxane in liquid nitrogen and penetrating agent

Nirvana is a patented formulation catalyst that allows the use of standard EC pesticide formulations to be mixed with liquid fertilizers. 

Patented insecticide formulation that is specially designed to mix with liquid fertilizers

Uniformly disperses the fertilizer and pesticide in the soil profile resulting in more consistent control

A shield of protection against soil insects before they have a chance to feed on the seed and roots


  • Curative and preventive fungicide
  • Broad spectrum & flexible application
  • While Mold, Asian rust, blight and leaf spot control in soybeans

Keeps nitrogen in the ammonium form to increase yield

Prevents nitrogen loss due to leaching and denitrification

Protects nitrogen from leaching into ground water




NPK analysis of 9-24-3

Can be soil or foliar applied

  • High quality adjuvant for complex tank mixes
  • Drift reduction, penetration, water conditioner all in one
  • Removes guesswork in multiple product tank mixes

  • Fast, powerful and patented new weapon for your insecticide arsenal
  • A combination of bifenthrin plus EndurX controls a broad spectrum of insects including worms, aphids, mites and beetles
  • Get the most out of your insecticide

Broad spectrum, pre-emergence control of grass and broadleaf weeds in soybeans

Excellent tank mix flexibility

Burndown plus residual control

  • Convenient liquid water conditioner
  • Contains NIS & anti-foam
  • Utilizes low pH to condition spray water

Combines three active ingredients with both preventative and curative activity to offer long lasting control of foliar diseases

Only 3 way fungicide on the market

Superior protection against white mold , frogeye leaf spot, rust and many others

Boosts the yield by extending time for photosynthesis to maximize crop growth and extend grain fill

Delivers broad-spectrum disease control uniformly throughout the plant

Allows plants to tolerate harsh conditions for better crop yield

Non-ionic and organosilicone surfactant blend

Engineered to efficiently wet the target and improve overage by spreading the active ingredients throughout  the canopy

Compatible with most pesticides and fertilizer products

Contains Ortho phosphates for maximum uptake and translocation of nutrients

Jump starts growth for crops under extreme environmental stresses

Accelerates germination and maturity and improves fertilizer efficiency in soil



  • Premium performing 100% NIS
  • High quality oil optimized to improve speed of activity
  • Contains a premium drift/deposition aid

A non-ionic surfactant and highly refined paraffinic oil which also includes functioning agents to improve penetration, drift control and deposition

Maximizes the activity and effectiveness of pesticides

  • Premium high concentrate NIS replacement for COC and MSO
  • Can be substituted for COC or MSO
  • Enhanced crop safety versus COC

  • Multi-functional spray solution conditioner, defoamer, deposition aid
  • Excellent spray drift management
  • Convenient liquid formulation

Water conditioner, with drift reduction and antifoaming agent

Blocks hard water ions from antagonizing glyphosates and other post emergence herbicides

Milled to enhance solubility

  • Convenient liquid water conditioner
  • Amine compatible formulation
  • Utilizes sequestering agents to condition water

Please call for information.

  • Dual Mode of Action Insecticide offering fast knockdown and long residual
  • Flexible solution for soybean insect control at all crop stages
  • Ideal Penncap* replacement for corn

  • Aids in production of growth hormones and proteins and is needed for production of Chlorophyll
  • Essential in the transport of calcium throughout the plant and cell elongation for increase in leaf and node size during grain formation
  • Compatible with all Poly and Ortho Phosphate fertilizers in-furrow and is safe to use with foliar treatments of glyphosate

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