4 lb liquid atrazine

Controls many annual and broadleaf weeds

Foundation herbicide for corn, milo and many other crops

  • Clethodim based herbicide
  • Most commonly used active ingredient for post emergence grass control
  • Labeled for soybeans, cotton, peanuts and many others

  • Proprietary clethodim formulation with patented systemic technology
  • Fast and complete uptake means better performance in tough conditions

Agricultural And Commercial Herbicide Used To Control Weeds On Snap Beans (Succulent), Brassica (Head And Stem Subgroup 5A), Cucumbers, Cotton, Melons (Muskmelons And Watermelons), Peas (Succulent), Peppermint, Peppers, Rice, Soybeans, Spearmint, Squash, Sugarcane, Sweet Potatoes, Tobacco, And Tuberous And Corm Vegetables.

  • Thifensulfuron-methyl + Tribenuron-methyl based SU premix
  • Outstanding weed control with rotation flexibility in wheat, barley and triticale
  • Ideal burndown tank mix partner

Please call for information.

  • Paraquat based herbicide
  • Non selective, broad spectrum burn down herbicide for use on a multitude of crops
  • Proven paraquat formulation

For  postemergent weed control in sugarcade, turf, ornamentals. 

  • 4 lb per gallon glyphosate
  • Fully loaded surfactant built in
  • Broad crop label and controls wide variety of weeds

  • Highly active 4# glyphosate based formulation
  • Outstanding surfactant package built in
  • Ideal for tough to control conditions

Treats 50% more acres than standard generic formulations

Fast translocation activity and excellent tank mix compatibility

Superior crop safety, for glyphosate resistant crops, including Flex Cotton

  • Two modes of action containing residual for managing touch and resistant weeds
  • Allows more flexibility in making planting decisions for corn and soybeans
  • Broad spectrum grass and broadleaf control

Made with the highest quality surfactants, allowing quicker kill and easy mixing with other herbicides and liquid fertilizers

The only solventless 6 lb ester on the market

Low odor formulation is applicator friendly

Please call for information.

  • Low volatility 2,4D Ester
  • 4 lb per gallon formulation
  • Registered for small grains, corn, sorghum, pasture/rangeland, non crop and pre-plant corn and soybeans

  • Low volatility 2,4D Ester
  • 6 lb per gallon formulation
  • Easier to handle higher concentration ester

Please call for information.

Pendimethalin based, pre-emergent herbicide

Long lasting, broad spectrum residual weed control

Labeled on over 30 crops

Broad spectrum, pre-emergence control of grass and broadleaf weeds in soybeans

Excellent tank mix flexibility

Burndown plus residual control

Vandal 4SC is a 4 lb Sulfentrazone based selective herbicide that provides post-emergent contact and soil residual weed control in soybeans

Vandal IMI is a soluble concentrate formulation. It is to be mixed with water, liquid fertilizer, or mixtures of water and liquid fertilizer and sprayed for selective preemergence or preplant incorporated weed control. 

Combination of sufentrazone and chlorimuron applied in the spring to control tough weeds like marestail, waterhemp, lambsquarters and ragweed

Broad spectrum herbicide for spring and fall burndown programs.

Provides residual control of susceptible weeds in cotton, dry bean, field corn, peanut, potato, soybean, sugarcane, and sweet potato.
Provides additional burndown activity when used as part of a burndown program in cotton, dry bean, field corn, peanut, soybean, and sugarcane.

Water soluble formulation for control and suppression of many annual, biennial, and perennial broadleaf weeds

readily absorbed by plants through shoot and root uptake, transloaction and accumulates in areas of active growth

Is a combination of metolachlor and fomesafen which provides control of barnyardgrass, crabgrass, foxtail species, goosegrass, seedling johnsongrass, pigweed species, wild poinsettia, and smartweed species in soybeans.

  • Propanil based herbicide
  • Broad spectrum broadleaf and grass control in rice
  • Post-emergence application for contact and residual activity

Propanil based herbicide

Broad spectrum broadleaf and grass control in rice

Post-emergence application for contact and residual activity

  • Metolachlor plus atrazine based herbicide
  • Contains safener for corn
  • Broad spectrum base herbicide for field and popcorn

  • Metolachlor based Herbicide
  • Ideal foundation herbicide for cotton, soybeans, peanuts and other labeled crops
  • Controls grasses and certain broadleaf weeds

  • Metolachlor based Herbicide
  • Contains safener for use in field, sweet and popcorn
  • Flexible foundation herbicide for corn

Selective herbicide applied preplant or pre-emerge treatment in water or liquid fertilizers in corn, cotton, peanuts, and more.

Visor S-MOC ATZ is a selective herbicide recommended for preplant, premergence, or postemergence control of most annual grasses and broad leaf weeds in corn, grain, or forage sorghum.

Selective herbicide for preplant or pre-emerge control in water or fluid fertilizers for control in beans, peas, lentils, and more.

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