• A novel insecticide and fungicide combination product which economically controls a broad spectrum of both insects and disease in one simple application
  • Offers versatility on a number of crops including corn, cotton, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat, barley and cucurbits
  • Excellent option for a planned systems approach to pest management

  • Curative and preventive fungicide
  • Broad spectrum & flexible application
  • While Mold, Asian rust, blight and leaf spot control in soybeans

  • Preventative control of more than 60 diseases
  • Provides a shield of disease protection throughout the plant by moving upward and outward
  • Excellent tank mix partner with Overrule Fungicide to control white mold, frogeye leafspot, cercospora and many other yield robbing diseases
  • Tank mixes with Avenger BOLD, Avenger Systemic, Voltage and Reveal EndurX insecticides to target various insects in combination will provide proven yield enhancement and maximum crop output.
  • Consult product labels for specific pest and crop recommendations

Combines three active ingredients with both preventative and curative activity to offer long lasting control of foliar diseases

Only 3 way fungicide on the market

Superior protection against white mold , frogeye leaf spot, rust and many others

Boosts the yield by extending time for photosynthesis to maximize crop growth and extend grain fill

Delivers broad-spectrum disease control uniformly throughout the plant

Allows plants to tolerate harsh conditions for better crop yield

  • 3.6 lb per gallon tebuconazole based fungicide
  • Broad spectrum, economical fungicide
  • Broad crop use including wheat, soybeans and peanuts

  • Propiconazole based fungicide
  • Broad crop label
  • Preventive and curative propterties

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