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Effective with both water soluble and water insoluble agrochemicals

Increases deposition, surface activity and absorption

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Solubilizes, emulsifies and neutralizes

  • Methylated Seed Oil
  • Ideal oil for tough conditions

  • Highly concentrated MSO
  • Half the use rate, same performance as standard MSO's

  • Methylated seed oil with Rapid Spread Technology
  • Advanced formulation containing organosilicone to improve spread and penetration

Unique and highly active oil based surfactant

Non-ionic surfactant and trisiloxane in liquid nitrogen and penetrating agent

Non-Ionic surfactant, penetrant and acidifier

 Enhances the activity and effectiveness of agricultural chemicals by decreasing surface tension and provides uniform coverage

Excellent de-foamer that quickly dissipates stable foam structures

Prevents further formation of tank mix foam

  • Premium crop oil concentrate
  • Superior, "high end" formulation

  • Highly concentrated COC
  • Half the use rate, same performance as standard COC's

  • High quality adjuvant for complex tank mixes
  • Drift reduction, penetration, water conditioner all in one
  • Removes guesswork in multiple product tank mixes

Contains a combination of ammonium sulfate and an electrolyte-stable surfactant system in a convenient liquid form

Significantly increases the performance of most pest control agents

  • Convenient liquid water conditioner
  • Contains NIS & anti-foam
  • Utilizes low pH to condition spray water

Non-ionic and organosilicone surfactant blend

Engineered to efficiently wet the target and improve overage by spreading the active ingredients throughout  the canopy

Compatible with most pesticides and fertilizer products

  • Increases deposition
  • Reduces drift

  • Premium performing 100% NIS
  • High quality oil optimized to improve speed of activity
  • Contains a premium drift/deposition aid

A non-ionic surfactant and highly refined paraffinic oil which also includes functioning agents to improve penetration, drift control and deposition

Maximizes the activity and effectiveness of pesticides

  • Premium high concentrate NIS replacement for COC and MSO
  • Can be substituted for COC or MSO
  • Enhanced crop safety versus COC

  • Multi-functional spray solution conditioner, defoamer, deposition aid
  • Excellent spray drift management
  • Convenient liquid formulation

Water conditioner, with drift reduction and antifoaming agent

Blocks hard water ions from antagonizing glyphosates and other post emergence herbicides

Milled to enhance solubility

  • Convenient liquid water conditioner
  • Amine compatible formulation
  • Utilizes sequestering agents to condition water

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  • Premium non ionic surfactant
  • Superior, "high end" formulation

  • Premium non ionic surfactant
  • Superior, "high end" formulation

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